Football Outsiders Almanac 2019: The Essential Guide to the 2019 NFL and College Football Seasons

The most authoritative and innovative annual guide to both the NFL and college football is back for an all-new season with more cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study, and trademark humor. Includes comprehensive coverage of all 32 NFL teams, analysis of offseason personnel changes, over 500 KUBIAK fantasy football projections, and breakdowns of the top 50 college football teams for 2019. With numerous statistical measures that go far beyond standard NFL stats, Football Outsiders Almanac 2019 gives NFL fans the kind of sabermetric-like statistical analysis that revolutionized the fan’s understanding of baseball. It’s also written with a knowing dry wit that gets under the skin of America’s most popular spectator sport.Community Review

  • I’m entering my second year of fantasy sports. Last year tried Football for the first time and got Fantasy Football Index and Fantasy Football Consistency Guide. Was not a big fan of either. The index was just a top ranking of past year results. The Consistency guide was okay, but the author punted (literally) on Kickers and Defense positions.
    I tried BLACKBOOK for my first season of Fantasy Baseball and it helped me put together a great team AND it has been crucial for me throughout the season for evaluating trades with Joe’s great RPV (Relative Position Value).
    Great content and rankings. Also, highly recommend getting the CHEAT SHEETS! That was a $5 add-on that the author offers which has been invaluable for me in the baseball…I’ll be getting my football sheets soon.
  • I recommend all Fantasy players purchase the “The Fantasy Football Black Book 2019” and review the RPV [Relative Position Value] system outlined within. I used the system last year and went from a D- Draft in 2017 to an A+ [per Yahoo]. This years book is again thorough with great tips, player comments and detailed RPV information on the players.
    There are many books and on-line systems that give a list of the top players. The system outlined in this book is a bit different. It is quantitative based on player history, team data, etc.
    I highly recommend this book and the review of the RPV system.
  • Last season, I was in three fantasy football leagues, made the semi finals in all three and won the championship in two of them. If that isn’t an indication that this is a must have guide, I’m not sure what would be. Joe and the boys did another amazing job this year. Definitely give the Fantasy Football Black Book a shot.
  • This book was absolutely amazing! Other rankings are set up as a straight list of players, but this system that the Black Book shows you is unique and will give you a definitive edge during your draft. You will not regret this investment! Buy it, study it and bask in the glory of becoming LEAGUE CHAMPION this year!
  • I have been playing fantasy sports for many, many years. At first this was kind of a novelty and not a lot of resources were available for players to use. Fast forward to the year 2019. Times have changed! Fantasy sports are extremely popular, and the amount of information available to players is endless. I have been looking for something that was different from everything out there and that would give me an edge over the teammates in my various leagues! The Black Book has definitely done that! Joe’s insights on strategies for the different types of leagues are very useful, and his concept of RPV has allowed me to draft with a clear cut plan! This has consistently allowed me to draft teams that are significantly better than my competition. The Black Book has now become a must have for me and has also replaced most of, if not all, the more common fantasy magazines and books most people use. If you want to gain advantage on your league, the Black Book is a must have!
  • If you play to win, you need this book. Too many “experts” just spoon feed you their lists like they know everything and you need to shut up and listen. These guys give you the reasons for YOU to make informed decisions. This book is the Holy Grail while those off the shelf magazines are toilet paper. You still reading this review? Buy the book!

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